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We approached ASSAY for monitoring services for a Phase I Oncology trial. Owing to the challenging nature of the study, we wanted exclusive attention and the highest quality. And we received the best services, making ASSAY the choice for repeated business.

CEO, Pharma

We were experiencing many un-retrieved paper CRF issues for a rare disease study which was closed post an audit in 2011. We required a company who could understand the tight timescales in completing this task and complete SDV and CRF retrieval. The task also involved extensive monitoring and excellent communication skills with the sites to persuade them for cooperating during the on-site visits. ASSAY and its team of experienced CRAs and project management team were perfect for this task. Not only they managed the study with experienced resources, they also completed the task well within timelines.

Project Manager, Top 10 CRO

In the present-day industry, finding the right candidate for a project is becoming increasingly difficult. Need for a robust database of candidates and the right communication skills are the key. ASSAY had just that and they provided us with the best candidate with the right profile, on time.

Resourcing Manager, Top CRO

Working in a challenging project along with a completely new set of people and environment requires specific skills and that is what ASSAY had. A team of experienced CRAs, the ability to perform under extreme conditions, streamlining the processes for quality outcome and highest professionalism all made ASSAY our best choice for our infectious disease study in West Africa.

Manager, Top Pharma