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An electronic feasibility management system, designed to simplify the feasibility process to achieve the best results in short time period. Feasibility is the first and vital in commencing a clinical trial. It is also the first instance of analysing the potentiality of an investigative site. Such critical process should be smart, simple, efficient, electronic.

Unique features of e-Feasibility

Site performance metrics — Provides an overview for site selection for business-critical and business-non- critical trials.Data retention — For future analysis. It is especially useful when feasibility is required for a similar study.In-built document sharing for confidentiality agreements and synopsis. Document upload functionality — For those initial essential documents.Pre-prepared questions to choose from. Role specific questionnaire (PI, Study Coordinator, Pharmacist etc.) — For ease of completion.Automated email reminder.Real-time progress overview.Convertible to paper format.


Site selection is crucial process for any clinical trial as our decisions impact the entire execution of the clinical trial. It is important that the process is handled with care and completed with efficiency within the stipulated time and cost e-feasibility is the solution to acheive this.clear and detailed report generation. Availability of data retention feature. Easy to capturing real-time data

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