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Often, in clinical trials, multiple teams work simultaneously towards one common milestone. However,
           unknowingly, some of the team members will duplicate tasks and in doing so, spend a considerable amount of
           time on just one task. To add on to, the status of the tasks is seldom available in real-time. When each of the
           activities in a clinical trial is pointing towards patient safety and well-being, it is crucial that robust processes
           and systems are implemented. And so eClinical systems were introduced, to automate and streamline individual
           tasks and bringing functionalities and data together. However, inefficiencies and loopholes remain.

           In pursuit of perfection, ASSAY has designed a revolutionizing clinical trial management system, which promises
           to not only assist in everyday activities but also to think, plan, perform and deliver, the way you want.

            BE CREATIVE…

           Robust Clinical        Integrated Study       Assisting and managing,      Completely automated
           Trial Management       Portal for sharing     Site, CRA, Project           visit management system..
           System                 study updates          Manager and Sponsor..        For Patients and Project
                                                         SIMULTANEOUSLY               teams

           Designed exactly       Integrated SUSAR      Every detail TRACKED
           to the study           Management            and REPORTED

           The more you explore CREATIVE,the more it delivers…
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