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                     Site selection is a crucial process for any clinical trial as our decisions
                     impact the entire execution of the clinical trial. It is important that this
                     process is handled with care and completed with efficiency within the
                     stipulated time and cost. E-feasibility is the solution to achieve this.

                                                    ELECTRONIC FEASIBBILITY
                                                   QUESTIONNAIRE  CREATION

                                                     Create your study specific
                                                     questionnaires along with
                                                       the already available
                                                        standard questions
                             ONLINE FEASIBILITY          created for you
                         SHARING AND MANAGEMENT

                            Send questionnaires to
                              potential sites and
                              oversee progress of
                                                      DETAILED REPORTING
                                                     SYSTEM FOR ANALYSIS

                                                       Download detailed
                                                      feasibility reports and
                                                        charts for analysis
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