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Training through ASSAY Academy

                         The clinical research environment can be challenging and
                         eventually supress the energies of even the most dedicated
                         workers. Training energises ones hidden abilities and when the
                         process of training and tracking is simplified, the results are
                         sucessful. ASSAY Academy is our unique single window training
                         management system for project and site teams to train and track
                         project specific requirements with ease.

                         Independent Quality Assessments

                         Quality is key, however in challenging situations, a fresh pair of
                         eyes and helping hands can enhance the level of quality in a trial.
                         ASSAY employs task specific experts to review and recommend
                         CAPA for improved quality.

                         Document Management through GRAVITY

                         In clinical research, being organised can be challenging. This is
                         particularly applicable for document management of a clinical trial.
                         GRAVITY is your long-term solution for site file and trial master file
                         management. We have integrated the two for logical and convenient


                         We do not just do monitoring. At ASSAY, we do Efficient monitoring. Our
                         monitoring services include, routine monitoring, risk-based monitoring,
                         remote monitoring and project tailored monitoring. We provide our
                         monitors with the necessary tools and training to effectively utilize
                         on-site time and prioritize activities. The ASSAY project team will
                         closely monitor the outcome of each activity and perform trend analysis
                         to tackle and resolve issues in the shortest timeframes.


                         Our services are not complete without our expert regulatory consultation
                         and processing. Every clinical trial conducted by ASSAY is duly submitted to
                         the regulatory authorities and ethics committees, as applicable, for
                         approvals. We are also able to submit your drug information for marketing
                         licenses. Name the country and we will ensure that your clinical trial or drug
                         is successfully submitted and approved.
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